Why this site?


First I’ am crazy off Landrovers and driving off-road. So I like to share it.

My current car is a Defender 90 Td5, this car is my fourth 4x4. The first 4x4 was a Daihatsu ferroza, after 200.000 km and many off-road experience the car needed to be replaced. The next car was a 300 Td1 110 I loved this car. But it wasn’t useful in city traffic and off-road it was often to long. So I bought a white 90. It took 6 months before delivery, 1,5 weeks later I crashed the car. A few weeks later the green Td5 was bought. After a while I got the change to buy a SIIa, which was in a reasonable state (I believed at the moment). So a this moment I ‘am the proud owner of two Landrovers (one in pieces, but whatever).


Leon van Schöll

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