feroza.jpg (241004 bytes)1994: Daihatsu Ferroza   

Nice car, wiht modifided exhaust, airfilter and suspension lift. Very fast

def 110.jpg (261832 bytes)  1996: Landrover Defender 110  300Tdi   

Great car, i travelled a lot wiht this car, it has also been in RoemeniŽ (Transylvanie)

002.jpg (195256 bytes)  1999: Landrover 90 Td5    

This car has been in a car accident at the age of two weeks. I drove it over a BMW, both cars where complete destroyed

ril007.jpg (238421 bytes)  1999: Landrover 90 Td5 

The car i drive at this moment

SIIa.jpg (220034 bytes)  2001: Landrover serie IIa FFR softtop   

Stil in parts, when i have time i wil build it up